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Artist, Actress, 
Producer, Performer, Model, Voice Actor, Host, Healer, Writer and Storyteller.

Welcome to the world of

¨When acting I truly become someone else, and in my music I become the most deepest versions of myself¨¨

Ever since I was young my passion for creativity was clear. I was able to escape reality and dive into the world of art. Especially Music, Dancing and Acting.

​After attending an arts focused high school, I started traveling around the world for projects in the entertainment industry. My work has brought me to Canada, the United States, the U.K, Sweden and Finland. 

During your deep dive on my page you'll get to discover a lot more about me and my art



Lots of love


I’m Scharliina.

A 23 year old woman with a passion for expression, storytelling, healing, songwriting, singing and acting. 


As a musician, I am a Top charting independent solo artist as “Scharliina”. I've also been a part of a pop duo in Sweden called “Lightworkers”. I am an experienced singer, songwriter, pianist and producer. 

As an Actress I have appeared in various TV shows, movies, musicals and commercials in Europe. 

As a Model I've appeared in various global campaigns, photoshoots, commercials and runways. I’ve also been hired as a host and brand ambassador.

I've worked with a variety of brands such as:

Volkswagen, Happy or not, Netflix, Mcdonalds and more.

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