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Acting Discography Commercial

//McDonald's Commercial
-Lead role - Hanna (Survivor, crying in the jungle)
-2021, Finland
-(Production: MJÖLK & Mcdonalds)
-TV, Print, Social Media

//Volkswagen Commercial
-Lead role (Including kissing scene) - -2021, Finland 
-Production: Nitro AB & Volkswagen AB)
-TV, Print, Social media

//Walo rooftop commercial
- Lead role 
-2021 Finland
- (Production: Brave teddy oy)
-TV, Print, Social media 

//Smart-food commercial
-.Lead role (Mother feeding child)
-2021, Finland
-Smartfood OY
-TV, Print, Social ,media

//K- Market commercial
-2021, Finland
-TV, Print

//Happy or not. Gloabl brand
- Lead role
- 2021, Helsinki Finland 
(Production: Smartson OY and Happy or not)

//Innovative Sportswear Commercial
-Lead role (Gamer, playing sports, running, Meditating + more)
-2021. Tampere, Finland
-(Production: Karu films Oy)

//  Azar app Commercial
- Lead role
- 2020, Sweden -
(Production: Atoe Production AB)
-Social media
//  Love breath Commercial
- Lead role (Including kissing scene) - 2020, Sweden
-(Production: Team Tony AB)
-Social media
// Viral Azar app Commercial
- Lead role
- 2018, Sweden 
-(Production: Atoe Production AB)
-Social media

//Dream hack Los Angeles Commercial
-Lead role (Girl gamer) - 2019
(Dreamhack AB + Team Cotton AB)
-Social media USA




Lead role- Walo Commercial
Lead role- Walo Commercial

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Lead role-Volkswagen Commercial
Lead role-Volkswagen Commercial

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Behind the scenes of Short film Malla
Behind the scenes of Short film Malla

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Lead role- Walo Commercial
Lead role- Walo Commercial

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Acting Discography Tv series

//  ¨Skitsamma¨ - Tv series
-Discovery +
- Julie/Greenpeacegirl
- 2021 Sweden
-Creative society production AB and Discovery +
Genre: Comedy

//Rantabaari- Tv Series 
-Cmore + MTV
-Tessa Törmä
-2022, Finland
-Fremantle Oy
Genre: Drama

//¨10 Suomalaista huijaria¨- Tv series
-Discovery + & TV5
-Lead Role: Maria Åkerblom
-2022, Finland
-Aito media
Genre: Criminal documentary drama

//Saara Aalto pränkkää Suomea
-Amazon Prime
-Bride, monkey, Prankster
-2022, Finland
-ITV studios
Genre: Comedy

// ¨Kaikki anteeksi¨ - Tv series, 
-Cast as ¨Reality star¨
- 2023, Finland.
-(Production: Yellow film & Tv OY)
-Genre: Drama

// Love and Anarchy - Netflix 
-¨Swedish Celebrity¨(No speaking role)
-2020, Stockholm, Sweden
-FLX and Netflix AB

//  ¨Eagles¨ Season 1- SVT
Pianist¨ in Episode: Lucia
- 2019, Sweden
-(Production: SVT AB)

//¨Seriöst¨ Pilot episode
-Supporting role- ¨Hanna¨
-2018, Sweden, Stockholm
-(OnNox pictures)
Acting Discography Movies
//The Corner shop show,
¨Thank you come again¨ Movie

-Gang member
(Actress, Singer, Dancer in Pitch perfect scen) - 2019 London U.K
(Production: The CS Network)

//Psychosis in Stockholm
-Person in chatroulette
- 2019, Sweden 
(Garagefilm international and SF)

-2022, Finland


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Ive worked with brands like

Acting Discography Short movies

//Short film -MALLA
-Lead role: Malla
-Finland, Helsinki 2022

//Short film about climate change
-Lead role
-London 2019

// Stångostaden
-Lead role
-2018, Sweden
-Stångostaden AB
AITO_MEDIA_logo_2019 (1).webp
Short Acting Bio 

Acting is a sort of therapy, You get to be, express and feel how it is to be and experience life as someone else for a minute.
But you also get intune with your own emotions and experiences as a tool.
I found my way to acting at a very young age. When my reality was too scary too handle. I found a way to get lost in another world through acting. I was apart of all the school plays and went on to study in a musical high-school, where we set up a musical our final year. At the age of 16 I started doing modelling and extra work on tv shows and movies. I later continues my passion for film and Tv in London U.K and around Sweden.

I have starred in many Tv shows, Movies and commercials. My most significant roles are in a Swedish Discovery + series “Skitsamma” where I play the part of “Julie-Greenpeace girl”
A lead in a Finnish-Swedish criminal drama series (10 suomalaista huijaria) that aired on Finnish tv December 2022. I also play a mean supermodel Tessa Törmä in the famous Finnish Drama series Rantabaari¨

I have had several lead roles in several big commercial for companies like:
Volkswagen, McDonald’s, Walo, K-Market.  Including speaking roles, kissing scenes and a lot more. 

When I act, I can be, feel and learn to be someone else. Storytell and share an experience through me. I have always loved to perform both on stage an infant of the camera. Its like its lights a spark inside me, all parts break free, and I get to experience and express.
.I feel like I am alive, feeling, living an breathing but trough the eyes of someone else. Someone or something that needs to be expressed through me. I become it. And it becomes a part of me.
I have been lucky to have had so many opportunities in acting and casting, because it has brought me a lot of confident in the industry. I am confident when I act. because I don't act, I become
Acting Discography 
Voice Over/Voice Acting

//Emmy Commercial
- Voice over British English
- 2022, Finland
- Emmy and Shook digital

// RFSU - commercial
- Lead role: Finnish voice over 
- 2019, Sweden
- RFSU & A very cool place AB
Scharliina -High school musical the musical
Scharliina - Musical
Scharliina as Martha Cox in High school musical the musical
English voice over
Suomi spikki
Swedish voice over
Acting Discography 

//High School Musical Onstage 
-Role: Martha Cox, Teacher Tenny, Cheerleader, Girl in Auditions
+Choreography, Singing, Dancing, Acting
-Saga teatern, Linköping, Sweden, 2018

//March for life
Role: Singer. Soprano in choir 
-Sweden 2017
-Konsert & Kongress, March for life

-SInger, Actress- DIVA girl
-Folkunga school
-2017, Sweden

-Role: Lead role- Snow white
-Cinemac, 2014, Sweden

//Christmas Musical 
-Lead role: Maria (Jesus Mother)
-Finland 2012


//Sveriges radio
-Summer camp, interview
-2014, Sweden
-P4, Östergötland

//Christmas Radio
-Interview about my Christmas
-(In Finnish)
-2013, Sweden
-Sisu radio 

// P4 Sweden
-My Hobbies Interview-Fotball
-(In Finnish)
-2012, Sweden
-Sisu radio


Watch videos from my previous work here